Ryan Foerster

Ryan Foerster

Ryan Foerster

Cyan Black Magenta - Misprints, 2009-2014
Newsprint with ink and glue
150 x 168 in.

b. 1983, Newmarket, Canada
Lives and works in New York, NY

MFA, Painting, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

BFA, Sculpture, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Ryan Foerster (with Ben Schumacher), Martos Gallery, New York, USA
Shoot the Lobster, Miami, FL

‘One-Two-Three-Four’, Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada

ribordy contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland

window installation, Printed Matter Inc., New York, USA

‘Black & Blue’, Swiss Institute project room, New York, USA
Bortolami project room, New York, USA
‘Rats in the Hallway’, 527 W 48 St, New York, USA
Allmanna Galleriet, Stockholm, Sweden

White Columns, New York, USA

White Gallery, Paris, France
Alphaville, Melbourne, Australia

Clint Roenisch Toronto, Canada

Selected Group Exhibitions
‘Changing states of matter,’ Brand new Gallery, Milan, Italy
‘Millennium Magazines,’ organized by Rachel Morrisson, MOMA, New York, NY

‘Great Desks and Chairs’, CLEARING, Brooklyn, USA
‘Royal Rumble at Waffle House’, CLEARING and The Journal Gallery, Miami, USA
‘160 km’, Kidd Yellin, Redhood, NY, USA
‘Catalogue of the Exhibition’, organized by Bob Nickas, Galerie Triple V, Paris, France
‘Great Desks and Chairs’, Clearing, Brooklyn NY, USA
‘Ryan Foerster, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Chadwick Rantanen’, Lauren Gitlen Gallery NY, New York, USA
‘The 2011 Bridgehampton Biennial’ organized by Bob Nickas, Martos Gallery, Bridghampton NY, USA
‘Saint Lawrence Ice’, organized by Ben Schumacher, Saint Lawrence River, Ontario, Canada

‘Re-Dressing’, Bortolami, New York, USA
‘Wait For Me at the Bottom of the Pool’, organized by Bob Nickas, Martos Gallery, Bridgehampton, USA
‘Artists Book’, organized by Printed Matter, Art Basel, Switzerland
Canteen Gallery, Ottawa, Canada

‘On the Far Side of Here’, Camera Club of New York, USA
‘As Small As It Gets’, Art Since 69, New York, USA
‘the Shop’, Silverman Gallery, San Francisco, USA
‘Everything Must Out Going’, Asia Song Society New York, USA
‘Sound’, organized by Bozidar Brazda, www.whyandwherefore.com
‘Kubla Kohn’, Arte Contempo, Lisbon, Portugal
‘New Deal’, organized by Matt Moravec and Kyle Thurman, Art Production Fund, NewYork, USA

‘Benefit Auction’, White Columns New York, USA
‘Benefit Auction’, Swiss Institute New York, USA
‘Bring Me Back a T-shirt’, organized by Erik Lindman, V&A gallery, New York, USA
‘One Size Fits All’, Printed Matter New York, USA
‘Gifts by Artists’, Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada

‘Benefit Auction’, the Kitchen, New York, USA
‘Ryan Foerster & Paul-Aymar Mourgue d’Algue’, 127 New York, USA
‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’, Rivera Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
‘Kern & Sons’, Mycroft Gallery, Paris, France

‘Vice Annual Photo Show’, Silverstein Gallery, New York, USA
‘Video Slam" curated by Allen Frame’, School of Visual Arts Gallery New York, USA

‘Tiny Vices’, Spencer BrownStone, New York, USA
‘Self Absorbtion and Theatricality in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’, The Drake Hotel, Toronto, USA

‘Little Stabs at Happiness’, Clint Roenisch Toronto, Canada


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